What Clients Think of Our Public Adjusters

Read what clients think of our Public Adjusters:

"This is a letter of recommendation for Cathy Panagakis, Public Adjuster. Our situation was that we had a water event that required tearing out the master shower, repairing and replacing damaged carpet and hardwood floors. We filed with Allstate and they paid for the water mitigation, and all the damage caused in my hall and foyer, but not the bathroom tile. We went back and forth with Allstate for several months about them covering the bathroom but they just weren't going to pay. The restoration company told me about Cathy and said if anyone could get them to pay it was her. I hired her and within a couple of weeks they had paid, in full! My loss happened on April 20 and they paid the claim on August 4. If I had known about Cathy earlier I'm sure it wouldn't have been 4 months to get paid.

I would HIGHLY recommend Cathy to deal with any insurance claim. I hope I don't have any more homeowner's claims anytime soon,or AT ALL, but if I do, Cathy is my first call the very first time they deny the claim. Her rates are very reasonable and she was worth every single penny we paid! She's also so pleasant to work with. She's kind and very responsive." - Dara Reynolds


"5 stars is not good enough for this company! If I could give 10 stars I would! I called, an their adjuster was on time, polite, and answered any questions I asked, and any time I called my call was taken or was returned within ten minutes.Adam Long, Robert Walker, and Brian all knew their job, I highly suggest if anyone is having trouble with their insurance company not honoring their contract call Noble Public Adjusting Group." - Jim Ike

"We had a tenuous claim that was over a year old when we realized that the value being assessed wasn't enough to fix our property damage. We reached out to Andy of The People's Adjuster and he interfaced directly with the insurance company. Within a couple of weeks the value assessed more than doubled and we are now well on our way to getting the proper repairs done. Without his help we wouldn't have known any better and would have been substantially out of pocket. Thank you Andy." - Taylor Korf

"We filed a claim with our insurance company for wind and hail damage that occurred to our large life care community which consists of four, three and single story buildings. We hired Accurate Adjusting and Appraisal, P.C. after more than a year negotiating with our insurance company over our claim. Our insurance company offered our community a very low offer for the damages to our 63 building property and neglected to pay us for a year and a half.
Within two months of signing up with AAA, we were issued our first payment of $1,000,000.00 for the damages they proved to our carrier were owed under our policy. Since we are a life care community, we have a variety of buildings on site and we have a lot of foot traffic from our Members, AAA made sure that all safety conditions were covered by our insurance carrier. They focused on the correct value for the damages we had onsite and the correct scope of work to protect our community. They organized our claim into phases to keep track of what was happening and when it was approved.
In the next two months, they went on to secure another $2,100,000.00 payment for valid damages on our property, phase 2 of our claim. When we had emergency logistic issues on site, they worked with us and negotiated with the carrier to move work to alternate building sites so we could keep the work moving along without any delay to our timeline, again to also make sure our Members were safe during construction. They have been excellent communicators on claim progress and have visited our site time and again to ensure the status of the build was moving forward as needed to ensure our insurance company was satisfied with the timeliness of the build. They made sure our carrier was provided documentation needed to satisfy their requirements to release payments to keep our contractors paid and they kept track of the hidden items that you find during construction like ice and water shield, flashing, etc.
When it came to addressing unique building items onsite, AAA made sure that we understood what we were entitled to underneath our policy and what remedies were available to us. They helped us weigh the pros and cons of our decisionsand how that will impact any claims we have in the future. They did this in collaboration with our adjuster so our insurance carrier was made aware of our decisions. They were courteous, firm, informative, and most importantly; they were effective in securing our rightful claim value from our insurance company". - The Cedars of Chapel Hill

"I write this letter to assure anyone that considers engaging Strategic Claim Consultants as their property claim specialists to do so with confidence. Al Iamunno and Jordan Mulbarger handled Hurricane Ida claims on over 60 of our rental properties from beginning to end. With their expertise and clear understanding of the process they had 27 properties inspected, negotiated, and settled with payments received only 4 weeks after the storm, including our loss of rents! The remaining properties were all satisfactorily settled shortly after. While we hope to never have to suffer through a catastrophe like Hurricane. " Ida again, we wouldn't hesitate to call the team at Strategic Claim Consultants before we even call our insurance company should it ever happen again." - Dee Landry


"Precision Public Adjusting represented us in a claim of wind damages done to the roof of our church. The initial response from our insurance company indicated that our damages did not exceed our $2500 deductible. Subsequently, we did receive a $5000 (after deductible) settlement which we were not satisfied with. After more than a year of disputing the insurance company responses, in February of 2022, we secured the services of PPA at our roofer's recommendation. In June of 2022, we were informed that our entire roof will be replaced (shingles and decking) at a cost of $1.6 million. We are so thankful for the work of PPA and especially for Ms. Rachel Saulsbury who was our assigned PPA representative. She did an awesome job!"- Henry Pash


"My family and I were dealing with a very stressful, dreadful, and a time-consuming insurance claim on my property before I met Ms. Ava, with Claimsfi Public Adjusters, that we had felt so hopeless and without any options. I expressed all of my concerns in the beginning and it is an truly an understatement to say how wonderful she was from beginning to end.  She fought tooth and nail for my family, for our safety and for our well-being. She was very thorough, communicative and always answered all of my questions or concerns I had. Ms. Ava fought for us as if we were part of her family. We were never left with a missing call, email or meeting. I am so grateful to have gotten in touch with her and grateful for the outcome she has provided for myself and my family. To say I am pleased with her services is an understament. She has given us our hope, security and normalcy back into our lives and for that, I am extremely grateful for her, her worth ethic and drive. Thank you." -Stefanie Hernandez

Why Hire a Public Adjuster?

Claimants who hire a Public Adjuster receive substantially more on their insurance claim than those who try and go it alone.